Sunday, August 11, 2013

I am so incredibly guilty of neglecting this blog! I believe that I may have to change the focus of this blog from life on the prairies of South Dakota to focus more on the home-cooked meals that I make for my wonderful husband.
Today I managed to make a small batch of fresh salsa before the "Dizzies" took over my head! Hey, any little thing I can accomplish, I am truly grateful for! My tomatoes are only getting ripe a few at a time, so small batches are what I will get. I do have an ice cream bucket full of tomatoes, peppers, onions & cilantro that I need to thaw & cook up to can some cooked salsa. Then I can start collecting a bucket of veggies in the freezer for spaghetti sauce. I just love the feeling I get from seeing those jars of canned sauces & stewed tomatoes, that I canned myself, in my pantry!
Tonight's supper was not one of my culinary creations! Tonight my dear husband made supper, as I have not been feeling well as of late. Tonight we had Rick's Awesome Sloppy Joe's! Thank you, Honey for Taking such good care of me!

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