Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pies are baking when light is on! ...wish I could be there!

With the recent arrival of the fall season & my current inability to wander the prairies of South Dakota in search of new sights, sounds and activities of the season, I have found myself to be lost in the memories of my dear Minnesota life of the past. Bottom line: I am homesick. Of course, I am homesick for the company of my family and friends. That is a nearly constant ache in my heart and mind. However, during the fall, I really begin to miss the sights, sounds, and activities of “home”. It is fall and I can just feel the crispness of the morning air, and the colors of the leaves just beginning to change.

It is time to visit Jim’s Apple Barn, near Jordan and I cannot go. Oh how I long to visit the Apple Barn! I used to take it for granted that it was there & really only stopped there once or twice a year when we lived in Minnesota (once for pie & strudel and once for pumpkins & gourds). Now I wish I could spend time gazing at the dozens of varieties of apples. I want to be able to spend time finding my gourds and pumpkins in this wonderful barn! Though the building isn’t incredibly large, I know I could spend hours browsing the many treats, candy, and other home trinkets. I wish I was there, choosing jars of homemade jams in different flavors, reminiscing over vintage candy & homemade fudge “just like Mom used to make.” Of course, what is a visit to Jim’s Apple Barn without driving home with a couple of those wonderful pies in your backseat? Who can resist all of the pies laid out on a table as they come out of the oven? It’s so fun to see the owner, at times, baking the pies right behind the counter. Where else can you select the pie you want, box it yourself, & carry it out to your car, which will soon be filled with the wonderful warm smell of Autumn itself?

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