Monday, September 26, 2011

The Waltons, Crochet & Physical Therapy

Well, since my last blog entry I have had 1 of 2 surgeries to repair the damage to my knee. My LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament) was found to be completely severed, once the doctor got in there, so it had to be replaced with a donor ligament. Recovery from this surgery was slow and painful but I am finally getting to the point where I only have pain on occasion during the day. The wonderful thing about the ligament replacement was the information provided by the hospital so I could send a letter of thanks and appreciation to the family of the donor. How wonderful it that??

My mother came to South Dakota to help care for me after my first surgery. Is there any better nurse then your own Mom?? I think not! She cared for me, comforted me & spoiled me with dishes and treats from my childhood. It was wonderful to have her here to take care of me! Of course, during that time and since then my wonderful husband has jumped in and done an incredible job of caring for me & the house. He has taken over, with no complaints, and the skill of a true house-husband! Thank you, Honey, you are the best!

At this time, I am still recovering from my first knee surgery, but progressing nicely. During my last visit to the surgeon, the doctor was tickled to find that I can now flex my knee to 113 degrees. Though he wants another 10 degrees out of me by my 2nd surgery, he was pretty excited. I will continue Physical Therapy right up until my next surgery to get that last 10 degrees - physical therapy is grueling & painful, but I get through it pretty well! My 2nd surgery is scheduled for October 10th. The 2nd surgery will involve replacement of my ACL & repair of my damaged meniscus. Then I will finally be on the road to complete recovery!!

It's been so hard being cooped up like this!! I have watched all the TV & movies I can stand (I think I have now seen every episode of the Waltons LOL). I have read until my eyes could no longer stand it. I even taught myself to crochet!! . I suppose I will get started on Christmas cards since I am going nowhere soon...

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