Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh I am soooo sorry that I have wandered off & neglected my blog! Life has been this crazy whirlwind...Ha! That's funny to me, since it's always so incredibly windy here on the prairies of South Dakota...please excuse my chuckles...

Where do I even begin? Let's see, maybe I should just pick up where I left off in October. Well, I am a student of the Nazarene Bible College. I should finish my education in about 4 years, God willing. Though the classes have been a challange, I simply love them! The schedule of going to school, working, participating in the ministries that I am involved with, paying bills and keeping house has been a difficult one to master. I have yet to even proclaim that I have mastered that puzzle! Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband who does what he can to help me in any way.

Lately I have been fighting a horrible bout of pneumonia. After 4 weeks, I finally have it on the run. I am slowly recovering, but recovering none the less. It has been difficult but with God, all things are possible!!

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