Saturday, May 29, 2010

You do not HAVE a soul.
You ARE a soul.
You HAVE a body.

Just a few scattered thought that I have assembled for today. I know, there is no common thread but I just felt I better get these things typed up before they escape me. LOL

I believe in the power of prayer and healing. I have seen it work. I KNOW with all that I have and all that I am that the Lord continues to do miracles here on Earth. My Father-in-Law was diagnosed with liver cancer 5 years ago. His entire family has prayed for him. His friends and our friends have prayed for him. He has been put on many prayer lists over the years. I even went as far as having a prayer for him put on a small piece of paper and placed in the Wailing Wall. This month we received a call from my Mother-in-Law telling us that he had been to the doctor and they were shocked and amazed. The tumor has shrunk considerably on it's own. The fact that he has lived 5 years with liver cancer is a miracle in itself, but to have the tumors shrink with no type of treatment at all is evidence that the Lord has heard our prayers and is healing him as only the Great Physician can do.

Wednesday was my husband's 39th birthday. How on earth can we be 39??? We don't feel 39. We don't act 39. Without taking the time to calculate it out, that is just hard to believe. It's even harder to believe that next month we will celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary. It feels like we've only been married about 5 years. I suppose part of the reasoning for that is because we never had children. Our relationship never changed from the boyfriend/girlfriend (or newlyweds) to a relationship that included children, their friends and activities. We still go everywhere together. We still do everything together. We even go to the grocery store together. To this day, Rick will still reach out and take my hand to keep me safe when we walk thru the parking lot. He still holds the door for me. He will still ask if I need something to drink if he goes to the kitchen to get something for himself. I take special care not to take this for granted. I hear other women complain about how things have changed in their relationships over the year. I am not one of them. I am truly blessed that God found Rick for me and made our marriage happen. In the 17 years we have been together, Rick and I have only had 2 real arguments. This, of course, was before we were married and before we truly learned to communicate with each other. We both know that most arguments are caused by assumptions and/or lack of communication. We talk about everything. Even if it is just something trivial that happened during the day, we tell each other about it. If you always tell each other about what has happened in your day, or how you feel about things as you walk along in this journey together; there will never be any doubt or guessing that happens between the two of you. Neither of us are mind readers. We don't just instinctively know what the other one is feeling or thinking. We have to communicate those things to each other. I am so thankful that I have a husband that can communicate with me about everything. That makes our marriage virtually stress free and happy.

Remodel Update: The bathroom is finished. FINALLY... The Kitchen is on the agenda this weekend. Rick repaired the plaster wall and ceiling last week. So, this afternoon I will be packing up everything that I can and put it in the dining room. We will then tape everything off and cover the cupboards and appliances. Tonight we will get everything primed. Sunday and Monday will be a crazy paint-fest to try to get it all done. Then next week sometime the new kitchen light and the last finishing touches should be done. It's always so much easier in writting...

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