Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Means Change

God is good. Today is a partly sunny but cool day on the prairie. It's pretty breezy but it's Spring and I will take whatever Springtime weather wants to dish out. This weekend has been a time of Spring cleaning, preparing for change and anticipation of the new things in life. That's what Spring is all about, right?

What have I been cleaning? Everything. My cupboards are all clean, my windows have been washed and the curtains are all clean. I love the smell of the fresh Spring air coming through clean screens and curtains. My floors are clean and as shiny as can be expected. The hardwood floors in this house need to be redone badly, but my house is a rental and I am just happy to have them as clean as I can get them. My husband spent the morning in the basement sucking up cobwebs and some strange egg sacks of unidentifiable origin. I am praying they were the location of all the centipedes that were planning on invading my home this year. I hate those nasty things... do they grow in fuzzy egg sacks? Oh, I pray that was them! I am thankful that I had all my cleaning done before today because I received one last gift from my pharmacy job before I left. The stomach flu. Yep, I wash and sanitize my hands all day and I wash them again as soon as I get home from work. STILL, I brought the stomach flu home to share with my husband. I'm sure he appreciates my generosity...NOT!

What is changing? The nasty situation that is my downstairs bathroom and my horribly disfigured kitchen. The roof of our house is officially leak-free and my bathroom and kitchen will be under construction starting on Monday. On Friday, Rick and I met the fix-it guy at Menard's to pick out the wall colors and such. I can hardly wait to have my rooms put back together. My bathroom and kitchen belongings are still piled up on my dining room table which has been quite an inconvenience. We had to set up our card table in the living room so we had a place to eat during this time.

What am I anticipating? My new job and the exciting things I will learn there. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for the past month now and have suffered physically more and more each day. I have a knee that is less than perfect. I know I have mentioned it previously so I will pass on the details at this time. Each day my knee has become increasingly painful and more swollen. Right up to the last day it swelled up like a cantaloupe and hurt so badly that I was limping. During my recovery, I worked long and hard to get rid of my limp. I found it irritating, degrading and a sign of my weakness. I hate it when I limp, it makes me grit my teeth and feel frustrated with myself. If I am limping that means my pain is so bad that even I cannot bear it enough to keep that limp under control. Any-who....I start my new job on Wednesday. I am so excited about this job. I have prayed and prayed each day for God to show me what to do about the pain my pharmacy job was giving me. Please, Lord, show me what to do? Tell me what to do? The answer came via a phone call one morning. I had, long ago, applied for an Accounts Payable position at an unknown company. The advertisement did not say what company it was for and, quite frankly, I really didn't care. I was interested in the Accounts Payable position, not the NAME of a company. I interviewed for the job and loved the people I spoke with, loved the company and it's family oriented atmosphere, I loved the opportunities that are available for me in that office, I loved that they have profit-sharing on top of all the other benefits that they offer. I LOVE THAT THIS IS A DESK JOB! LOL I will keep you all up to date on my new employment and how much I love it!

One more thing to mention. Do you see this picture of these flowers? This is a picture of a few of the apple blossoms on my trees. We have more blossoms than leaves. Can you believe that?? We will have so many apples we are going to have apples everywhere. I have decided that I am going to make Apple Butter and maybe some Applesauce. Rick, of course will core, peel and slice quite a few to freeze for apple crisp. Maybe I will try my hand at some of those great canned apple rings...mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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  1. I had no idea you were starting a new job this week!! CONGRATS!!! :)