Saturday, May 8, 2010

Less Talkie Talkie More Hammer Hammer!

As I've matured I have become a more patient person. I used to be a VERY impatient person and several times in my young and stupid days I asked God for patience. Apparently I must have thought that if you asked God for something like patience that he would just send it down in a small and shimmering white box with a bow made of pure gold, carried in the beak of a snow white dove. WHY DID I THINK THAT??? I now know that when you ask God to give you patience he sets you on a path that contains events that will TEACH you patience. It has taken many years, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. My house construction woes are starting to really try my patience though...

Here is the update on the Money Pit. I now have what resembles an outhouse in my home. The walls are down to the 2X4's, the ceiling tiles are gone, the floor is down to the old wood planks and there is a hole in the floor where the toilet should be. Yes, it looks very much like an outhouse.
In my, APPARENTLY, unrealistic mind I thought my bathroom would be back together by now, the walls in the kitchen would be intact and I would be painting my very own color choice in my beautifully clean kitchen with the windows wide open and the curtains stirring in the warm Spring breezes . Let's see... While my husband and the FIG stand outside and shoot the breeze I have an outhouse just off the kitchen, my toilet and bathroom sink are sitting in the kitchen along with construction debris and a shop vac, next to my microwave cart there is a box heaping full of insulation and ceiling tiles, The kitchen walls are still nasty old busted up plaster, there is dirt and mud tracked all over my house, it's cold and windy outside. Hmmm....I guess every girl has to have a dream, right?

Come on guys, let's get in there and get this done! Less Talkie Talkie More Hammer Hammer! Put that new floor down, you have it all cut to fit and even have the necessary holes in it! Get the new wall panels up NOW! It's only a 6X5 room, for crying out loud... Put those ceiling tiles back up, come on, come on! The linoleum should be installed, NOT in a roll in the garage! Get those PVC pipes hooked together and up through the floor! Now put the new ring down and get that toilet installed. Move the sink back in and hook her up! Now hang my medicine cabinet and the light back up, QUICKLY! Get the new wall panels up in the kitchen, put some plaster on the ceiling around the chimney, pack up your tools and get your Suburban OFF MY GRASS!!!

**Sigh** It seems so easy in theory, doesn't it...

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