Friday, March 12, 2010

Yes, I Am A List-Maker...And In Love with My 2720SL

Now that Spring has sprung I find myself spending more and more time making lists of things I need to get done, have to finish or would like to do once it is warm. Yes, I am a list maker. I believe it must be hereditary because my Mom is a list maker as well. I started making lists when I was in school. Back then it was lists of assignments, social events and household chores I needed to attend to. These lists were color-coded; a different color ink for a different type of list. Now that I am grown I have lists everywhere.

I have a sheet of paper in front of me, at the computer, at all times now. On the current piece of paper I have 3 different lists. I have listed bills to be paid - each one has been checked off as I paid it. I have a list of errands I need to run on Saturday. I also have a list of books I need to buy or find at the Library- OK, I don't NEED to get these books but I really WANT to. LOL

In my kitchen, I keep a running grocery list. This list is organized just as my Mom's list would be. In fact, if you walked into her kitchen right now, you would find her grocery list to be very similar to mine with food items on the left and other items on the right. My siblings and I laugh about the fact that my Mother's list has always started the same way: Milk, Eggs, Oleo... yes, it has always been Oleo, not margarine or butter. However, since we have been teasing her about this she has changed it to Milk, Eggs, Butter. LOL

On the end table next to my chair, in the Living Room, I have a list. This is my Spring/Summer list. These are things that I want to either accomplish or enjoy once warmer weather comes. This would include things like working on my flower beds, pruning the apple trees in my back yard, planting a small garden, take the boat out for some fishing and go camping.

Topping that list is CAMPING, of course. I am so excited to get our camper out this year. We have finally paid off the loan so she is all ours. I want to have that "home away from home" out on the road as much as possible this year. Of course, this will be at the mercy of our work schedules but we are definitely going to get to camp this Summer. I absolutely love our camper. It is a Trailmanor 2720SL. What is a Trailmanor? A Trailmanor is a fold-down pull-behind trailer similar to a Hi-Lo. A Trailmanor is the lightest and one of the easiest towing travel trailers. It has hard walls like a conventional trailer - no canvas - but it folds down like a tent camper for easy towing. Because of it's low profile, it only takes about one extra gallon of gas to tow a Trailmanor 100 miles. When my husband and I started out we were dedicated tenters. We spent many weekends, and 1 full week, each year camping in our tent at various Minnesota State Parks. Then we came to a realization: every time we go camping it rains at least one day. I believe this to be my personal curse since this has happened to me ever since I was a kid who camped with her parents. We grew weary of trying to dry out our supplies and bedding after each rainfall. We then graduated to a Napier Sportz tent that attaches to the bed of your pickup truck. This was unique, got us up off the ground, but was very limited in space. Because the Sportz tent only had room to put an air mattress in it, we still had to set up our old tent to use as a supply tent - which still had some damp spots when it rained. **Sigh** We then purchased a very old pull behind camper. This camper was waaaay back in the weeds on a farm and this baby needed WORK. But we pulled up our sleeves and dug in. My husband and I put new linoleum in, repaneled the ceiling, replaced the windows, made new curtains and sealed the roof. We LOVED this camper. We still needed to replace all the water lines and get the bathroom to work but it was so nice to have a place to go when it rained. We were loving the camper life, then we saw it...the Trailmanor. We were on our way home from New Ulm one day and saw this camper on a used car lot. It looked like a Hi-Lo but was priced MUCH lower. My husband had wanted a Hi-Lo for ages but they are very pricey and we just weren't financially ready for a commitment like that. After taking the tour, making sure the price listed was correct and finding out how easy it was to set up and take down I desperately wanted this camper. I NEVER make impulse purchases. NEVER EVER. But I was ready to drive to the bank right then and there. We told the fella we would contact him in a day or so. We immediately went home and hit the internet searching for information on this strange brand of camper. We had never seen a Trailmanor anywhere before. Since they are built in the South, that is primarily where you will see them. I have to say that I have only seen 5 other Trailmanors up here. I found out during my investigation that the price listed was incredibly lower than what this camper was worth. It was a steal. The next day we were proud owners of our Trailmanor and have been loving it ever since.
For the past few years we have not been able to get out in the camper very often. I had a terrible leg injury that prevented me from enjoying the camping life for a few years. Then our work schedules were pretty crazy for a while Also, a year ago we moved to another state and had too much going on. But this Summer will be different. This Summer we will discover new State Parks in a new state. We will walk and bike on new trails that we have yet to see. We will visit historical sites that we have never been to. I can't wait to set up the camper, put out that tacky green indoor/outdoor carpeting under my awning, hang my dragonfly twinkle lights, set out the lawn chairs and start the campfire. I long for those fun filled days and quiet evenings by the lake staring at the fire. I so look forward to those nights of stargazing and long uninterrupted conversations and laughter. I even look forward to those rainy days where my hubby and I can sit in the camper and play cards and board games. Summer 2010 here I come.

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  1. I can't wait to go camping either!! You're post made me even more excited!! :)