Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today is Sweet Corn Freezing Day! Woohoo! I just love it when we can begin to harvest the bounties of our garden. This year only yielded us 32 ears of corn, but that will be sufficient for my husband & myself. If need be, we can always purchase some corn at a roadside stand & process that as well.
It took very little time to get the corn husked & in the pot! We were so excited to try our fresh garden harvest!
This is a tip that I picked up from Facebook. Ok, actually, when it was posted I never gave it much thought. My husband is the one who cuts the corn off the cobs when we process corn, so it really didn't matter to me what he used! LOL But once we started to blanche the corn, he suggested that we try it. Stand the corn up in the center of a Bundt Cake Pan while you cut the kernels off of the cob. Genius! Be sure to put a towel under your pan, otherwise it will slip around on the counter. Now the cob is stable and all the kernels land in the pan & not all over the counter!
We decided to leave a couple of ears intact, for supper tonight. Who can resist trying our bounty right away??? Hubby went out & grilled some hotdogs while I threw some waffle fries in the toaster oven. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Fresh corn, dogs & fries. What a beautiful summer it has been!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I am so incredibly guilty of neglecting this blog! I believe that I may have to change the focus of this blog from life on the prairies of South Dakota to focus more on the home-cooked meals that I make for my wonderful husband.
Today I managed to make a small batch of fresh salsa before the "Dizzies" took over my head! Hey, any little thing I can accomplish, I am truly grateful for! My tomatoes are only getting ripe a few at a time, so small batches are what I will get. I do have an ice cream bucket full of tomatoes, peppers, onions & cilantro that I need to thaw & cook up to can some cooked salsa. Then I can start collecting a bucket of veggies in the freezer for spaghetti sauce. I just love the feeling I get from seeing those jars of canned sauces & stewed tomatoes, that I canned myself, in my pantry!
Tonight's supper was not one of my culinary creations! Tonight my dear husband made supper, as I have not been feeling well as of late. Tonight we had Rick's Awesome Sloppy Joe's! Thank you, Honey for Taking such good care of me!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Plates Are Not Always Just Plates!

These are my dishes. They mean so much more to me than just something to have a meal on. As long as I can remember, my Grandma & Poppy Waters had Blue Willow dishes. I spent a great deal of time with my Grandma & Poppy Waters, and even lived with them for a while during my sister's hip surgery. That is when I became SUPER close to my cousins (Jamie, Brenda and Nicole). I remember Sunday dinners on their dishes. Saturday lunches with my cousins around Grandma's table. I even remember my Aunt Chris serving her special strawberry shortcake on their dishes, after my grandparents passed away. This Blue Willow pattern means FAMILY, to me. It means LOVE, to me. It means heartfelt loving memories, to me. I am so thankful that my husband found me a set of these dishes (actually, he bought me two sets) he obviously knew how much they would mean to me!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ooodles of Noodles!

I know, lately all of my posts have been about the meals we have been having. But when life is slow, weather is HOT and nothing much is happening... well I have nothing much else to write about now. :) I made homemade noodles for my wonderful hubby today. He certainly deserves it! They are one of his favorite things to eat & he has been working in a 125°F shop since 4:00 this morning. One small bit of news: On May 5th we had a horrible hailstorm! I have never seen hail so large in my life. My car, my hubbys truck & our camper all sustained hail damage. There was a bright side to it though... Mama got a newer car! I love it!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beans & Cornbread on the menu for supper tonight. It was 92, here on the prairie, yesterday & supposed to be even hotter today - no way I'm going to be standing in the hot kitchen cooking! Gotta love a Crockpot! Made the cornbread already, before things got too terribly hot out (we only got down to 70 degrees lastnight...). Beans and Cornbread... it always brings back childhood memories. Memories of a more gentle time, time with Mom, Dad, Joanie & Jason, all gathered around the kitchen table; times of laughter and fun, times filled with play and togetherness. *Sigh* I guess growing up is unavoidable, but I still have my memories!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hamburger Gravy & LeSueur Peas...just like being at "home"

Since my dear husband is visiting the dentist today after work, I have planned a nice soft supper for the two of us. I think, OK I hope, that I can prepare this meal from my wheelchair (as I am still not allowed to put any weight on my previously injured knee). Tonight we will be having hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes and LeSueur peas. The photo above is, of course, from a past meal where we had the gravy on noodles. But I think, in light of the dental visit, mashed potatoes will be a better idea.

LeSueur Peas are a must, in my home, as an accompaniment for Hamburger Gravy! I suppose a great deal of my reasoning behind this is because LeSueur is my hometown, so these peas have some emotional attachment for me. But I have to say that LeSueur Peas are the ONLY peas I will eat from a can. First let me say, not all canned peas are created equal. The only canned peas I eat are LeSueur Peas. In fact, LeSueur Peas are so good that Paula Deen's Green Pea recipe from her Celebrates! cookbook consists of two cans of LeSueur Peas and a half stick of butter. That's it. Right there on page 70. The cookbook retails for $26.00 and the best pea recipe she can come up with is a can of LeSueur Peas. So if you think you don't like green peas, try LeSueur Peas.

What exactly are LeSueur Peas? Even though most of the followers of my blog are from "home" & know exactly what LeSueur Peas are, I will still explain. LeSueur Peas are canned peas (gasp!) canned in LeSueur, Minnesota (well, they USED to be canned in LeSueur), but they are the sweetest, most delicate little peas in the world. Once called "Early June Peas", they are smaller than normal peas. They taste amazingly sweet, yet still have an earthy flavor. Even better, the broth (okay, canning liquid) they come in is also wonderfully sweet and only a little bit salty.

I am not a big fan of canned veggies on the whole because they are full of salt and they have less nutritional value than either fresh or frozen. However, the LeSueur peas are so delicate I think they only way they can survive is in a can, which makes them one of two canned vegetables I’ll buy, the other being the occasional sliced mushroom when we are making pizza at home and I am feeling lazy. (I know what you’re thinking, tomatoes are a fruit!)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pies are baking when light is on! ...wish I could be there!

With the recent arrival of the fall season & my current inability to wander the prairies of South Dakota in search of new sights, sounds and activities of the season, I have found myself to be lost in the memories of my dear Minnesota life of the past. Bottom line: I am homesick. Of course, I am homesick for the company of my family and friends. That is a nearly constant ache in my heart and mind. However, during the fall, I really begin to miss the sights, sounds, and activities of “home”. It is fall and I can just feel the crispness of the morning air, and the colors of the leaves just beginning to change.

It is time to visit Jim’s Apple Barn, near Jordan and I cannot go. Oh how I long to visit the Apple Barn! I used to take it for granted that it was there & really only stopped there once or twice a year when we lived in Minnesota (once for pie & strudel and once for pumpkins & gourds). Now I wish I could spend time gazing at the dozens of varieties of apples. I want to be able to spend time finding my gourds and pumpkins in this wonderful barn! Though the building isn’t incredibly large, I know I could spend hours browsing the many treats, candy, and other home trinkets. I wish I was there, choosing jars of homemade jams in different flavors, reminiscing over vintage candy & homemade fudge “just like Mom used to make.” Of course, what is a visit to Jim’s Apple Barn without driving home with a couple of those wonderful pies in your backseat? Who can resist all of the pies laid out on a table as they come out of the oven? It’s so fun to see the owner, at times, baking the pies right behind the counter. Where else can you select the pie you want, box it yourself, & carry it out to your car, which will soon be filled with the wonderful warm smell of Autumn itself?